Hello, I'm Panu from

I work hard for visionary
and humane goals

with a Swiss-knifeful of tools
to design, code and write.

Since 2009, I have done so for top organizations in research, innovation, product design, journalism, public sector, third sector and open source community:

Panu planned and implemented processes to enhance creativity at our workplace. He had a big impact in designing VTT's new innovation workspace. He accomplished the job in a praiseworthy manner.

Veikko Ikonen, Human-driven design research group leader, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

New scientific knowledge was created, which could have been published in a conference article. The results were used to create a practical application, an ethical product data browser plugin, which the client, Nokia, purchased. Excellent work.

Sari Kujala, professor at the User experience research unit, Tampere Uni. of Technology


Concept design

To radically rethink, to contest the most vicious problems, is my natural instinct. My knowledge ranges from societal structures to technology, arts, environment and so on. I'm the guy with the marker pen – the guy who fast creates the first prototype you can try out. So we can discuss, identify the key questions and get excited.

benchmarking, prototyping, innovation methods, design communication, specification, system architectures, business models, lean startup

User experience

A big part of my day is to try and foresee what's in the user's head. I may also go and meet him and see him use the product. In love with simplicity, I then perfect the interaction and graphics, as well as the text, images, audio and video.

interviews, surveys, observation, usability testing, interaction design, graphic design, content design, photoshop, gimp, video production, audio design

Smartphone for seniors Design project 1/3

play_circle_filled Play video

  • New user interface concept

    A simple, people-centered design with a start screen that supports the user's mental model

  • Interactive prototype

    A modern look and feel comes from effects like parallax-scrolling of icons on top of the background silhouettes

  • Demo video

    A video, promotional images and a slideshow for illustrating the concept

It was good that we got a working demo. Panu has good skills. He designed the concept and interaction, implemented a prototype and made a video presenting the prototype.

Mikko Nurmi, Creative Lead

I made the project via employment at Leadin. Another graphic designer detailed the visuals, and the company's creative lead contributed to the conceptual ideas.

Open data portal for municipalities in Finland Design project 2/3

  • Concept and content design

    A concise content structure and overall vision created by combining the wishes of data users, data providers, app developers, system administrators and city councils.

  • Wireframes

    Dataset viewing pages and beautiful interaction design for inserting new datasets and multi-language metadata.

  • Open source project

    All project communication and code was open to the public and any municipality can now start running their own instance of the software

The goal was to create an open data portal software for municipalities, free for anyone to use. The global open data ecosystem and the limitations of the CKAN platform needed to be taken into account in the design. Six major cities in Finland participated in the national-level, EU-funded project. I worked with 3 software developers and one other UX designer.

Reader reporter app Design project 3/3

  • Editor and reader interviews

    Background study on user needs and experiences after using the first pilot system.

  • Literature research

    Gathering up what other user researchers had found out about reader reporting systems.

  • Wireframe sketches

    Initial concept design for a mobile application to be created for reader reporters and editors.

Panu carried out the work promptly and enthusiastically. He showed excellent own initiative and innovativeness in his work.

Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, professor at the User experience unit of Tampere Uni. of Technology

I made the project when employed at the User experience unit of Tampere Uni. of Technology. I worked with a senior researcher who managed the project.


Data analysis

One of my biggest passions is to collect and analyze data – to help everyone make better informed decisions. The world is luckily full of sources. With statistical and machine learning methods, I highlight patterns, look for explanations and try to predict the unknown. To help everybody get the point, I visualize the results and present them through engaging stories.

Python, R, Matlab, Octave, C++, d3.js, SVG, Google Analytics, REST, JSON, XML, MongoDB, InfluxDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, web scraping, regression, classification, clusterization, neural networks, soft computing, anomaly detection, descriptive statistics, statistical tests

Web development

I've also done a lot of web development, especially on the front-end. To me it is typical to prototype very fast and rough at first. But in the next phase, I tend to carefully choose the architecture and technologies to ensure smooth long-term development. I'm used to extreme usability and code performance requirements, having made lots of data-intensive web apps.

JavaScript, ES6, Meteor.js, Node.js, Angular, React, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, OOCSS, SMACSS, SASS, LESS, Stylus, jQuery, lodash, PHP, NodeJS, Linux, git, agile methods

Marketing analytics Code project 1/3

Panu is very excited about analytics. He worked with good self-direction and provided us results without much guidance needed. The page click analysis he created is a good tool for us when developing the website further. Our bloggers are motivated by seeing how each blog post is gaining and sustaining reader counts high.

Riikka Nurminen, Marketing Manager

  • Goal-oriented measuring

    The measures were chosen based on identified marketing goals and marketing activities, and reactions to changes in each measure were planned beforehand

  • Semi-automated analytics pipeline

    Almost everything was parameterized from API calls (GA, WP, etc.) and cleaning to analysis and plotting, so it was easy add new user groups, content types and time periods to the analysis as well as to build ever deeper analytics on top of existing results

  • Visually pleasing monthly reports

    It took only an hour or two to create a comprehensive, visually appealing report in a slideshow format every month, thanks to the semi-automated code

The project was part of the theme of digitalizing all the business processes at Gofore. I planned and built the analytics system alone, and followed the wishes and feedback from the marketing manager. During the project I was employed at Gofore.

Tennis tracker Code project 2/3

The 3D visualization was very impressive. Panu also had an appreciative stance towards our needs during the project and continuously modified his actions to match them.

Juha Toivanen, CTO

  • Real-time 3D visualization

    Draws the 3D trajectories of the player's shots in real-time on the screen

  • 3 user interfaces

    A working software prototype of the large on-court touch screen, a tested concept design for a wrist band user interface and wireframes for a web app for deep game analytics

  • User study

    Identified key customer segments and new crucial features the coaches and players need

5 other developers built the tennis tracking algorithm and hardware, with which the UI communicated.

Scraping and machine learning project Code project 3/3

  • Web scraper

  • Machine learning system

  • Web user interface

More details on this project are to be published later. The project was done for Statistics Finland which produces all the official statistics of the country.



Lively language comes naturally from me, but I can also use neutral voice to convince. I like researching backgrounds, clarifying arguments and shortening sentences. You may provide the topic or let me pick it, but always you get a genuine analysis that illustrates its meaningfulness.

articles, blogs, public speeches, copywriting, copyediting, marketing materials, manuals, creative writing

Print design

I design layouts for printing messages beautifully. I love creating additional infographics, flow charts and illustrations, so the reader can adopt the main point really fast. Often a print design project starts from just a rough idea and the end goal in mind, and the exact form and content is only realized during a creative process.

brochures, booklets, reports, slideshows, infographics

Digital nomad blog Writing project 1/3

An incredibly wonderful story. The challenges and beauty of distance work and especially digital nomadism come lively across from this piece of writing. The rugged, genuine style appeals to me.

Timur Kärki, CEO

  • "Would you like to code in the Mediterranean?"

    A short post on my new work arrangement

  • "Travel where you wish and code when you feel like it"

    A post on distance work and diginomadism and their challenges based on my experiences and online research

  • A news story in Iltalehti

    The major Finnish tabloid wrote about my blog

I wrote and edited the texts when working for Gofore and travelling in Europe and Asia. Several new employees told me later that this blog was one of the reasons to apply to Gofore.

Company culture booklet for employees Writing project 2/3

  • Copyediting

    Employees had written most of the company stories, which I then filtered and edited

  • Copywriting

    I also wrote some new stories and culture highlights plus a delightful introduction to the booklet

  • Booklet design

    I designed the layout for the booklet, chose the photographs from archives and prepared the file for print

Gofore's mission is to create a better work-life culture. This booklet is one tool on this mission. The booklet was also one of the evaluated artifacts when Gofore was chosen the 6th best European medium-size workplace in 2016. I made the 64-page booklet alone in two weeks, based on the initial texts and client's wishes, communicating with the client while I was in another country.

The level of graphic design is professional. Even though the style is not our standard corporate style, the booklet feels 100 % like Gofore. The rhythm of the pictures and texts is pleasing, and the big alphabets on each page fit nicely to the idea of a "primer for new employees". I'm just really happy and proud we have this booklet to hand to all new employees when they come to sign a contract.

Heini Ala-vannesluoma, Gofore Crew Coach

eFlexFuel marketing brochure Writing project 3/3

  • Infographics

    Illustrates how much the eFlexFuel device saves both the environment and the driver's money

  • Copyediting

    Complicated sentences shortened and simplified, repetitive material cut out, spelling and formatting errors fixed

  • Smart layout design

    16:9 layout that fits both print and online PDF delivery. The style was aimed to be somewhere between marketing material and sustainability reporting.

Three other copywriters focused on individual sections of the 16-page brochure about eFlexFuel, while I put the material together, tidied it up and illustrated it.


  • Luona

    Luona is Finnish and means: by your side. I'm there, I listen, I try to understand what you really value the most. I approach everything the human-centered way.

  • Swiss knife

    Because I both design and code and write, you save the time usually spent in communicating between each task. Plus, resourcing becomes nice and flexible.

  • Systematic style

    I roll up my sleeves and tend to work hard. You'll quickly notice you can rely on me to take care of things.



MSc. in Tech.

Human-centered design
Product design
Tampere Uni of Tech. 2014
Exchange in Queensland College of Arts

BSc. in Tech.

Software systems
Machine learning
Honours mathematics
Honours physics
Tampere Uni of Tech. 2012


Data science training program, Gofore 2016-2017
Academic debating semifinalist, Lund IV 2014
Best position paper award, Finnish Model United Nations 2014
Creative writing 30cr, Uni of Turku 2012-2013
Sirius trophy: National top 5 in high school physics 2005
TIFCF stipend for max score in high school mathematics 2005
Aerospace physics summer school, Mission Control Centre, Moscow 2004


If you need help in creating better informed decisions, fairer society, better life, more beautiful systems or something else that is heart-breakingly innovative:

  • Just email me at

  • We discuss what's on your mind

    in email, face to face, on Skype or on the phone

  • I suggest what we could do

    or if I can't help, I give you the next direction

I stay (mostly) in

Tampere, Finland

but I'm used to working remotely, Skyping and replying on chat with no delay. Yet, if you prefer local over remote, I can quite flexibly move around and stay for a while wherever in the world you are.